Live, Learn, Play

Just in Senegal, there are only a handful of playgrounds for children to enjoy and learn. Access to such areas is limited to the wealthier neighborhoods. Having said that, most neighborhoods have open areas where kids tend to turn into makeshift playgrounds to play soccer, basketball or just run around in the sand under the hot sun. There is no equipment or supervision.

It is also no secret that access to the appropriate medical services is a big challenge which has resulted in high death rates among children and the fast spread of diseases due to late diagnosis and intervention.

The Unlimited Change is kicking off its very first Live, Learn, Play Project in an effort to improve the lives of children and provide them with safe play zones including an urgent care station and classroom for educational activities in Africa. The Foundation has already identified and secured its very first location in Dakar Yoff, Senegal (West Africa) and currently raising funds to build the playground and open up an urgent care station for children. Educational activities will be facilities by the adults living in the community and offer children the opportunity to express their creativity and expand their imagination through STEM, cooking, sewing, art and linguistic classes.

The open area shown in the picture below is one of many areas available for us to expand the project once we prove the model in Yoff.

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